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Gyrocopter Bulgaria is Approved Training Organisation for Gyrocopter Pilots

According to the requirements of Regulation N-1 of MTITC

“Gyrocopter Bulgaria” has a team and equipment and offers theoretical and flying training in training programs approved by DG “CAA” in Bulgarian and English.

Training Center

In our training center you can get your NPPL (M) -G (National Private Pilot License (Microlight) – Gyro). This license entitles you to fly with all gyros, and after several training hours – with other classes of aircraft – (A) Airplane, (MHG) Motor Hang Glider, (PPG) Powered Paraglider, (H) Helicopter.

Call us
+359 899 911 686
Call us
+359 899 911 686
School Disciplines

The theoretical courses are held in our training center and last for a respective duration of: NPPL (G) – 60 hours, NPPL FI (G) – 125 hours. We also conduct courses for acquainting with a type of gyrocopter and for transforming foreign licenses into Bulgarian ones according to the requirements of Regulation N-1 / 09.01.2014 of MTITC.

Flight training
Flights Center

We offer flying training on MTO-Sport, Calidus and Cavalon. The course is held at Sapareva Banya Airport or at Primorsko Airport. For your convenience training can also take place on other airfields. Flight training is 30 hours for NPPL (G), 20 hours for NPPL FI (G), 2 hours for switching from one type of gyrocopter to another and 7 hours for class recovery (G).

Call us
+359 899 911 686
Call us
+359 899 911 686
Completion Of Training

In compliance with the requirements of MTITC Regulation N-1, Gyrocopter Bulgaria is an approved organization and has the right to conduct training and exams. After successfully passing the exam, the pilot receives his / her license from the DG CAA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation Administration).


Upon the completion of the theoretical training, theoretical examinations are made on the seven theoretical disciplines. Exams are taken in the form of a test. After successfully passing the test with a minimum of 75% correct answers, a flight test follows that is held in a time convenient for the candidate.

Take a Test Lesson

Before deciding to start training, take the Pilot Test Lesson. This is the first exercise in our curriculum and is meant to introduce you to the feeling of flying with a gyro. If you like, you can continue your training until a NPPL (G) pilot license is obtained.

For your convenience, Gyrocopter Bulgaria provides experienced lessons, motivational and test flights to various destinations. You can fly MTO-Sport, Calidus or Cavalon over breath-taking landscapes. If a friend of yours has a dream to fly and become a pilot, make it a gift with a Flight Lesson Voucher.

Test Lesson With Mto-Sport

20 minutes 85 EUR*
30 minutes 97 EUR*
60 minutes 168 EUR*

Test Lesson With Calidus / Cavalon

20 minutes 97 EUR*
30 minutes 115 EUR*
60 minutes 216 EUR*

Theoretical Training

60 hours of individual training NPPL 990 EUR*
60 hours in group ** training NPPL 660 EUR*
125 hours individual training NPPL FI 1490 EUR*
125 hours group ** Training NPPL FI 990 EUR*
Individual introductory course type 90 EUR*
Group course ** type introduction 60 EUR*

Flight Training

30 hours with Cavalon 6480 EUR*
30 hours with Calidus 6480 EUR*
30 hours with MTO-Sport 5040 EUR*
Extra hour on Cavalon 216 EUR*
Extra hour on Calidus 216 EUR*
Additional Hour on MTO-Sport 168 EUR*

* All prices include VAT

** minimum 3 people

Prices And Requirements

Requirements For Nppl (M) -G Applicants

Students must have completed basic education, have a valid medical certificate. A candidate may be admitted to the first individual flight during the training at the minimum age of 16 years. Candidates for NPPL (M) -G must be at least 17 years old.

Requirements For NPPL FI (M) -G Applicants

The applicant for an FI (M) -G certificate must be at least 18 years old, have a valid NPLP (M) -G license and a valid medical certificate. The candidate must have at least 250 hours of flight hours as a PIC, and 150 hours as a PIC of class (G).

Pilots holding a CPL / ATPL class (A) or (H) professional pilot license are trained on the same program but only covering subjects with specifics for gyrocopters.

Organization Of The Training Process And Exams

Theoretical training is done before flying training begins. It should include at least 60 hours of NPPL (M) – (G) and 125 hours NPPL (M) -G training. The candidate passes examinations for verifying the theoretical knowledge and, upon a positive result, receives a certificate for a completed theoretical course.

The theoretical exams in “Gyrocopter Bulgaria” must be taken successfully before flying training begins.

For flight training, the learner must cover, with an instructor, at least 30 NPPL (M) -G and 20 hours for NPPL FI (M) -G, of which at least 10 hours should be solo flights and at least 3 hours should be solo route flights with landing on a landing site not less than 25 nm (45 km) from the place of take-off.

Immediately before the flight test, the NPPL (M) -G candidate shall take an oral examination on recognizing the type of gyro on which the test will be carried out.

Flight examinations at “Gyrocopter Bulgaria” are made after finishing the flying training before flight inspector FE (M) -G and for instructors – respectively, before FIE (M) -G.

The Class G Recovery Program includes at least 7 hours of flight, of which at least 3 are solo, under the supervision of an instructor.

The course for switching to another type of gyro is intended for pilots holding a NPPL (M) -G license wishing to fly a type of gyro that they do not know. Gyrocopter Bulgaria is training on MTO-Sport, Calidus and Cavalon.

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